Astral Projection "Leave Your Anchor Behind" A Guide to Understanding the Art of Astral Projection

Understanding the Partnership between your Body and your Spirit

Astral Projection is truly not something that is explained in a nutshell. Nor is it something that is learned overnight. In fact when I first experienced Astral Projection or OBE’s (Out of Body Experience), I had no idea what was happening. It was the most exotic feeling I had ever experienced and the most confusing. I recently decided that I would share what I know with anyone who finds themselves the least bit interested. I thought, for sometime, that I would keep it to myself, but what changed my mind is there are others out there that I, indeed, have learned a lot from… by their books, posts, videos, websites, etc. Had they decided to keep it to themselves, well, I would not understand all that I do today. Once you have experienced Astral Projection, or the Spiritual Realm, you will never look at life the same again… I do mean that in a comforting way. I am not afraid of being ridiculed for what I believe or express and the reason for this is one simple thing, I know what I know and one thing I do know is that knowledge is power. Those that ridicule are more afraid of what they do not understand and only prevent Themselves from knowledge and understanding, not me. If your anything like the rest of us, you are never satisfied with what you know. In the Bible, God clearly states, “Seek and you shall find”. Pretty cut and dry. You don’t really need an explanation for that. Periodically, I will use verses from the Bible, other Ancient Text and randomly throw in elementary scenarios to spice it up a bit and help to explain things a bit easier. I am a bit on the stubborn side, so I sometimes require things to be spelled out for me and what I have found is that many things in life are spelled out for us, yet we have a tendency to make things more difficult than what they truly are.

Note: You will notice in this in this next section, that I seem to bounce around and touch on different aspects. I eventually will go deeper into each one of these aspect and in more detail. But for now it is important to note that this is more to get you used to what all is involved, before I actually get down to the practice of Astral Projection… They go hand and hand.

Understanding the tight bond or relationship between the soul and the body is just that…

Understanding that they are not made up as one. In fact they are not even made the same at all. They are, indeed, two completely different structures all together. It’s kind of like saying that you are your car or the movie you put into your DVD player, is your DVD player. Starting with the body, the body is comprised of organic material and fueled by energy. The Spirit on the other hand, is a separate, we’ll say, entity made up of what is really not quite understood, but is often looked at as an energy. You could say it might be a pure energy, yet that would lead us to believe that if it is an energy, then it would not have need for energy. When, truly, that statement would be false.

The Spirit uses energy, such as the body does, yet not in the same way. The body manipulates energy to survive, or in other terms, exist. The Spirit manipulates energy as an action or a projection of movement and power. I know that starting off like this can send a person, including myself, into a spiral of confusion. So for the sake of staying on track, I only wanted to mention this as an ice breaker and to stimulate your own thought. There are many things to understand that can take a life time of study, research, experimenting, etc. in order to even come close to comprehending the unique, yet puzzling, artwork that we call the universe. So in short, let’s start off by saying, you can’t run in concrete shoes, but you can at least cover a distance with baby steps.

One way to truly put things into a perspective, that is easy to start with, is by understanding that you are not your body, you are your spirit…

Your body is your vessel, or vehicle that you use while in the 3 dimensional world. It doesn’t stop there. For now we are going to skip over the question, “Why are we in a vessel to begin with?”, or we will end up more lost than we anticipated for this first section. Now that we have cleared that up, let’s start with separating the two in a little more detail based on each one’s function, mission and language. Language is extremely vital, we know this, yet it is also a bit more complex than just speaking, signing or writing words in order to communicate with someone.

Everything has it’s own form of language, or communication if you will. Organic matter has a whole language of it’s own, that it uses to fulfill it’s one major duty… create and sustain life. It doesn’t have to speak it, nor does it have to write it, as we would when communicating with another person. Once again, when we communicate, YOU as a Spirit, uses the body as a tool to translate information to another Spirit, which in turn, that Spirit uses the body, as a tool, to comprehend the information conveyed to it. Back to the body… The Spirit, also referred to as the mind, does not understand the language of the body. Although, the Spirit and the body do communicate, this is done through a common language. This language is not complex, more of a communication that a dog would use to communicate with a human. You grow used to what the dog is trying to get across through repetition and response. Same goes both ways. A dog has learned to nudge a ball or bring the ball to it’s master to get across that he is wanting to play. I’m sure you get the picture.

That being said, when it comes to astral projection, people get most frustrated when they just can’t do it. This is not that they are incapable of doing it, it’s just that they don’t quite make heads or tails of what they are supposed to be doing. On top of that, they haven’t grasped the unique understanding of this Spirit, Body relationship. Let me back up a moment… When you lay down to go to sleep, your body will monitor your signals and responses in order to determine when it is safe to shut down. In most normal cases of an average bed time routine, your Spirit will go to sleep before the body does. For apparent reasons, to protect itself. I believe the reasons are a bit more elaborate than that… but let’s stick with this for right now.

The body does not always know what the mind is doing, and the mind doesn’t always know what the body is doing. Example of this is you don’t know how or when your body decides to digest food, make the heart beat or heal wounds. You might say, “yes I do, I can feel it”, exactly my point… You can only feel what it is doing, not how it is doing it. The mind does not speak the language that the body speaks to it’s connecting parts… Yet, your spirit is no dummy, it can pick up bits and pieces of the conversation based on common signals, or better yet, a common language.

Every car comes with an owners manual. But that doesn’t make you a mechanic…

Over the years of research on Astral Projection, [among other things but I am going to stick with Astral Projection for the sake of this point, even though it does apply to many other things], I have noticed that, no matter what where you come from or how you were taught to worship, everyone comes with an owners manual. We will take the Bible for instance. I am more familiar with the Bible, mainly because that was the owners manual that was being given out at the factory where I came from. That being said, the Bible is very cut and dry and extremely literal, aside from certain parables used to get a point across. It will guide you to know the difference between right and wrong and teach you how to exist among a world with many issues. In a nut shell, it basically tells you what to do when the check engine light is on, where to put the fuel, and how to check the oil. That by no means makes you a mechanic.

There are rules of the road that may come along with it to perform basic procedures to protect you and others around you. So now you find yourself wanting to know more, a bit more intrigued with becoming a better care taker of this vehicle and you decide to continue with further studies. You go to driving school, learn how to maneuver your vehicle with certain techniques that you did not know before. You have decided that is not even enough, you need more… You want more. So you take some courses on mechanics or even small engines to get you started. You start hanging around with other mechanics and pick up a few things as you go. You put these practices to use, through trial and error… Although it is not easy at first, with time you become quite well at it and start to find that you have even taught yourself techniques that work well for you… Now your focus has been shifted to become more aware of what driving is all about and not just what this vehicle is all about.

Thank you for sticking with me on this. I do have a tenancy to dumb things down a bit… mainly because it helps myself to absorb things easier. I have more Aha moments that way. So we have established that the body is very similar to a car and the Bible is similar to an owners manual… so what now, how does Astral Projection fit into this equation? Aha moment #1… You want more knowledge? Research. Study. Apply. The knowledge is out there, it has been out there for thousands of years. The Bible alone, if you read past the simple verses that they make you memorize in Sunday school, you will find that it is full of stories that talk about Astral Projection, on top of many other subjects that we, as a society, have created to be taboo. Well, I can tell you that what used to be common and is not common anymore, is all due to the fact that… well, many reasons; burned by religion, lack of motivation, lack of teaching, faded principles… The list goes on. One thing about all of us is that we are all born with one thing… Freedom of choice, with that each one of us can decide to say, “I want to learn more”. So, understanding the unknown is a simple practice of turning the unknown into the known by study. Outside of the Bible, their are texts… scrolls… that delve further into stories that are only touched on in the Bible. Ancient Sumarian text that goes even further into the unknown.

In the Bible, Paul mentions, as he tells of what he saw, one key element that often times gets overlooked in a Sunday school lesson… He says, “I don’t know if I was in the body or out of the body”. Well for a close minded person, that statement could, #1 get overlooked, #2 get twisted around to translate into some far fetched idea, #3 or just easily manipulated to become what ever that reader wanted to get out of it. The logistics of such a term does not need to be broke down, it goes right back to the principles of understanding and that is not to be mistaken for just a translation that means something completely different because that was 2000 years ago. Wrong, through my studies of translations of the Bible, I learned that the Bible has not changed it’s terminology, it has only changed its jargon. The points still stay the same, but the words used in different translations were precisely chosen to depict exactly as it was originally written… Just in words (not terms) that were used at the time of translation.

So going back to what Paul wrote, the original did not say, “I didn’t know if I was in my mind or out of my mind” that would lead us to believe that he might have been crazy, or not crazy. The translators of the Bible, and other Text, have to chose there words wisely when dealing with Ancient text. They know ahead of time how important this is. So we have to give them a bit more credit.

I know that I can wander, keep in mind there is a lot of stuff in my head that is trying to come out all at once. If you find that I am just confusing you or babbling, I will eventually come back around and touch on certain subjects in more detail later on. If you just can’t stand it and want to know, ask and I will better describe or try to make sense of a subject on a different page, especially for you.

Getting back to the partnership of the body and the Spirit…

The body has one primary instinct and that is survival. It needs you, the Spirit, in order to pull that off. In return, the body will do it’s best to repair itself and it will put trust in you that you know what’s best for it. The body will argue certain decisions you try to make or even go as far as to reject something you have done to it. For instance, you decide that drinking to much alcohol is a fine thing to do or that stuffing yourself at the all-you-can-eat buffet will do you justice or as extreme as you think huffing a bit of gold spray paint might be great… You can expect your body to disagree and say this was stupid and you find yourself curled up in the fetal position near the porcelain throne. Let’s go further with this one and ask ourselves, “why do we decide that doing these things are a good idea?” Assuming that you already know the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs and over-eating, for the most part the Spirit is not content with being so confined.

What I mean by this is that the Spirit has natural instincts too. It knows that things are better on the other side, it knows that it can fly, it knows that it can walk through walls, it knows that it can travel through time and space and it knows that it is, by far, more powerful than what the body allows it to be. The Spirit can be a bit selfish, in turn can put the body in compromising situations in order to just get a taste of what it is missing. Not understanding that the Spirit is unique and immortal and the body is not, can lead a person to put their partnership in jeopardy.

I can not tell you why we are united with a body, but I can tell you it isn’t for as long as the Spirit wants to make it out to be. Your Spirit wants it’s freedom and your body just wants to live as long as possible. Hence, that is where we find ourselves, at times, sad because we want to live longer, or depressed because we are ready to leave the crap behind. That would be your Spirit and your body not cooperating together as a team. One thing that is certain is that in the Bible, God states that, we are just visitors passing through. If you are a visitor in someones home there are certain rules you follow to respect that household and certain courtesies that are just simply implied. Same goes here. You are a visitor here and your body was blessed to be occupied and taken care of by you. As you occupy a particular amount of space in your body, you also share a particular space in your body. For instance your brain is one shared feature. The body knows how to lock up certain things in the brain for safe keeping. Kind of like checking your gun at the door. It’s for safety, if you go into your body from day one and utilize all the things that the Spirit knows without understanding what the body is capable of, you will indeed destroy your body quickly. Your body knows this fact and has rules already in place for such a thing. Look at your subconscious mind as the safe where you body has decided to store this potential body threatening knowledge. If you have grown and advanced in knowledge to the point of understanding this partnership, you can access this information without doing harm to your body, thus becoming a true partnership. It is more of a trust thing. If your body does not trust your Spirit to do the right thing, it will do everything in it’s power to prevent you from accessing vital information. Knowledge is the key to creating such a trust. I know that my Spirit can fly, but my body cannot participate with me without wings… This is were most people fail when it comes to Astral Projection… should I say mastering Astral Projection.

Many people have projected yet don’t know they did. If you have ever “had a dream” that you are running on all fours, as fast as a wolf or that you just can’t run at all no matter how hard you try or even that you are falling. Let’s start with the latter, all of us have heard that if you are falling and you hit the ground in your dream then you will really die in real life… BULLCRAP, in fact in most cases the feeling, let me emphasize FEELING, of falling, you are experiencing and only remembering coming back from a projection. You just have no memory of the journey. When you are aware of your projecting, no matter how far you get from your body, when your body starts to wake up it says, time to come back now, and you are pulled back, by what the Bible refers to a “the Silver Chord”. As your body comes flying backward, faster than the speed of light, you will always wake up when you get back to the body, but at the right timing you don’t remember hitting the ground, because your awakening happens at that exact moment. So in short you do hit the ground, or bed.

When I project and I am pulled back to my body, it does feel like I fell and usually my heart feels like it is racing, which in fact it is actually beating slower than it does when I am awake. I say this because your Spirit CAN feel without the body. When I fly through space or the sky, I can feel the wind rushing past me. When I touch something, I can feel it. This goes back to earlier, that everything is energy or uses energy and energy can be felt and manipulated.

Something the body and the Spirit have in common is the ability to feel. They both feel energy and they both feel emotion. You say that you may understand that the Spirit feels emotion, but not the body… If the body did not feel emotion, it would not get sick when you feel depressed. Better example, the body would not care if it lived or died, leaving it with no desire what so ever. That simple.

Stop babbling and get to the point, all I want to know is how to project…

I know that it gets tiresome trying to learn things and having to sift through some of the, what seems like, useless diatribe, but it is for good reason. True, I might not be the best teacher but if through those that have stuck with me, if I, in the long run, have helped even in the least, that can’t be a bad thing. Continuing, I want to touch on the feelings for just a bit, I won’t get real deep into it just yet, because that is a topic that is truly vital and I have a lot to say about it… And that is that the feelings play a larger role because it is all energy. Every feeling you have ever had in your life, from butterflies in your stomach to touching a hot plate to feeling love for someone… All these feelings are manipulation of energies… Yes I said manipulation.

I say that because, what most call mind over matter, I call manipulation of energy. If your child gets hurt you may tell them awe, it’s not to bad or give them a kiss on their booboo and they all of the sudden feel better. Or maybe your in a competition and your are tired and worn out and a voice from the crowd says, “you can do it!”, and all of the sudden you are revitalized and make it to the end with a big burst of… you guessed it… Energy. Energy is everywhere and it can be used in so many ways. The more you feed one particular energy the stronger it gets. I like to refer to energy as a boomerang… What you put our (what energy you put out) always comes back to you stronger and faster. The more energy (good or bad) you put out, determines its distance and intensity. You do one little good deed and shortly after one little bit bigger, in size, good deed comes to pay you a visit. You steal one small thing from a friend, one slightly larger thing will be stolen from you. Everything comes with a bill, sometimes the bill you receive will be more than you want to pay and other times it will come with a credit to your account. The most common phrase would be, “what goes around comes around”. So what does this have anything to do with my being able to project? You might say… That’s easy. Everything you say or do or even think is creating and manipulating energy around you. Say you or a loved one is battling a problem with alcohol addiction. Watch how that person speaks of that addiction and watch how the ones around them speak of the addiction.

More times than not, no one is saying one positive thing about it. You may buck me on this, but just stay with me… As you feed this already large negative problem, with more negative speeches and words and more negative feelings, that problem only becomes more powerful and more aggressive, thus extending its life expectancy and its distance, not to mention its power. Okay, so your with me so far. As hard as it may sound, you must dominate and manipulate that energy to collapse. Notice I did not say go away. The after shock, or bill is yet to come, we will deal with that in a moment. Start telling that addiction or problem… “Well we had a good run, you have been there for me and we had some good times but it’s time to part ways ol’ friend” By sending positive words you are sending positive energy to replace the negative, thus starting the cycle of cleansing the energy. This does not mean that once that person has excepted that the addiction is no longer needed, that the bill will still not come. In fact you will receive the bill, and if you continue with your positiveness, even when the bill comes, it will soon diminish and you will be on your way to earning a credit on your account. Karma is another term for this manipulation of energy.

Many people get discouraged and ask the same questions over and over. And they must keep in mind, with so many tools at their disposal, people can get through just about anything. Patience is a tool, once again an energy that at you build it up, it becomes stronger. Allowing you to get through the billing process of energy. That being said, back to what you hear a lot of: Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? This is a touchy subject for some, especially ministers. Mainly because they know most people want to hear a reason with a motivating answer leading a person to believe that they are more a martyr than to really face the facts for what it is. Trust me, bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people just the same and based on the same principles. Stop noticing what is happening to others and what is not happening to you and start recognizing that you have the same abilities to change what is around you. Work with your own tools. The Spirit has a bad habit of forgetting where it has come from and starts to take the emotion the body… that survival instinct, and gets caught up in entertaining itself the way the body wants to be entertained. Relax.

The Spirit has no need for hoarding, for it does not go without. It does not feel starvation, it does not need money, so don’t get caught up in the material things that the body craves… it won’t last long. Be positive that others have more than you, it only works in your behalf. Search out what is everlasting. We have always heard that we can’t take our stuff with us when we die and we usually leave a conversation with that, so apparently, we already know this. So teach the body to be happy with what it has and your partnership will be a bit more comfortable and more rewarding for your Spirit.

Manipulation of Energy in Astral Projection…

So we have lightly touched on energy, but energy is the most important part of Astral Projection. It not only creates the ability to project, but it also determines what powers you use when projecting. Going back to what I had mentioned earlier about projecting and not knowing and why you can run fast like a wolf or sometimes so slow a crippled turtle could out run you. This is the effects of positive and negative energy.

If your energy is positive it makes for a wonderful journey and experience. If your energy is negative, say for instance you project due to a problem in your life that is consuming you or a trauma, such as really bad news, a death in the family or even a near death experience, chances are you will not enjoy your experience because you will find yourself on the floor crawling and feeling like you are attached to a bungee chord and not on the ceiling feeling free as a bird. Negative energy is just how it sounds… Negative… to subtract or take away. Positive… to add to. Pretty simple huh? Not so much.

If you are a negative person or allow negativity into your energy it will only take away from… not add to. A good practice is to refrain from saying anything negative or find choice words to use (very choice words) in order to describe a negative situation. Practice relaxing, start with relaxing the muscles in your face first… it helps. Then work your way down to your feet. Block out the thoughts in your head, because if you have a bunch of thoughts going through your head, you body will be getting signals to stay prepared for battle. Let your body know that your Spirit is at peace and it will allow your body to calm down and realize that it is safe. If you look at your body as a child you will notice your body will respond to the way you feel. If you are nervous or anxious, your body will not just be nervous and anxious too, it will also be confused. And it will spend its energy trying to be on guard for the worst to happen.

Next I will get further into the common language between the body and the Spirit and how to communicate to the body what you want it to know, in order for you to get it to respond accordingly to your needs. That to me is extremely fascinating and one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle in being able to Astral Project. So I will get more into the practices and preparation techniques so that you will be able to start putting this knowledge to work for yourself. Hopefully, I will find time to get something out in a day or two. In the meanwhile, practice with energy. I am continually updating my blog at: Feel free to chime in.