Give Your Home Curb Appeal and Watch it Attract Many More Buyers

Curb appeal is all about bringing out the beauty of the front part of your home. Curb appeal is that subtle quality that makes your home welcoming, inviting, warm, fresh, appealing and interesting. It is what makes a potential buyer want to see more of the house as he/she looks at it for the first time. There are countless stories from real estate agents of buyers refusing to get out of the car to view a house simply because the outside was not well kept. If you have already given the inside of your home a makeover, it is time to deal with the outside so that it does not drive potential buyers away.

It is true that money is not easy to come by, but do not hold back on giving the outside of your home a beauty treatment. You do not have to put yourself in a financial bind to give your home curb appeal, but do not neglect it or buyers will go on to the next house on their list.

The first thing you should do is walk outside and view your house objectively. Try to find the above-mentioned qualities…welcoming, inviting, warm, fresh, appealing, etc. If you cannot see them, then it is likely that no one else will either. Try to remember what attracted you to your home when you drove up and looked at it for the first time.

Perhaps you saw an attractive front door with a well-painted door frame. If the paint on your front door and door frame has faded and/or cracked, then it is time to sand it down and repaint it. If your door is natural wood, then clean and varnish it again. You will be surprised how your wooden door will glow with a good cleaning, treatment and varnish.

Artists use focal points in their artwork to draw the viewer’s eye. No matter how modest your house is, you can find a focal point or something of interest to draw attention. There are details such as shutters, brackets, moldings, eaves, windows and window frames which can be used to draw potential buyer’s eye. You should use contrasting, not too bold, colors that show attention to detail.

People walking up to your home will look at your lawn, and they will notice any worn, brown or missing patches. Make sure you take care of those and also make sure that you mow the lawn. While you are at it, fill your planters with bright flowers if you have them. If not, you may want to go to your local flea market and find some planters to fill. And while you are at the flea market, pick up some hanging pots and plant flowers in them.

You do not want your house looking like the rest of the houses in the neighborhood and strategically placed flowers will make sure that it does not. The idea is to make your house say look at me, without going over the top with colors that will detract rather than add to its beauty. Look at the other houses in your neighborhood and then make yours different and more attractive. That is curb appeal, and it will make your home look much better and it will hopefully sell much faster.

Flintstones – Barney Has No Dental Insurance So Fred Takes Him to a Good Stone Age Dinosaur Dentist

In 1960, the great animation duo of William Hanna and Joe Barbera, premiered the first ever prime time half hour cartoon series, “The Flintstones”. Two years later the only Hanna Barbera Studios DENTAL THEMED episode, “Nuttin But the Tooth”, was aired. From this Flintstones cartoon there were two limited edition cels published. Both have been big hits with dentists as both editions completely sold out.

Since the demand for the first two pieces was so high, Amazing Animation (an exclusive distributors of dental related art) collaborated once again with the very talented Hanna-Barbera Artist Bob Singer on the third and final limited edition cel based on this cartoon. “Nuttin’ But the Tooth” was episode 12 of season 3. The Original air date was November 30th 1962.

Here is the very funny synopsis of the plot:

When Barney wakes up with terrible tooth pain, Betty asks Fred if he would take him to the dentist to get his tooth pulled. Along the way Fred sees a billboard promoting the big fight that night, so Fred has the idea of pulling Barney’s tooth himself and taking the $10.00 to buy ring side seats to the fight.

Fred’s first attempt is depicted in this now classic, sold out limited edition cel from 1994. “Nuttin But the Tooth” The cel pictures Fred about to drive away in his car while Barney stands behind the car with a string attached to his tooth at one end and to Fred’s car on the other,

After Barney foils this attempt, by running after the car while Fred drives away, Fred comes up with another idea, shown in this sold out limited edition cel from 2003, “Nuttin But the Tooth II”. In this scene Fred has the idea of attaching one end of the string to Dino’s collar and then tempting Dino to run away by tossing the cat in front of him.

This plan also backfires as Barney removes the string and hands it to Fred just before Dino takes off after the cat. This sends Fred bouncing down the street, up and over many hard objects before finally running smack into a tree.

Not to be denied seeing the big fight, Fred suggests having a Dinosaur Dentist pull Barney’s tooth. This will cost only $5.00, still leaving enough money for a pair of cheap seats for the fight.

This brings them to the only Dinosaur Dentist in town, Smiley Molar. While Smiley is on the phone getting the grocery list from his wife, Barney gets an overdose of gas and floats past Fred, right out of the office window. Fred proceeds to chase after him, finally catching him with some nifty lassoing, which ultimately crashes Barney on top of Fred causing Barney’s tooth to fall out. The cartoon ends with the boys making it to the fight.

The scene at Smiley Molar’s Dentist office forms the basis of artist Bob Singer’s creation and third Limited Edition dental Flintstones cel, “Stone Age Dentistry”. Bob Singer, has worked alongside Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera since the magical days of Hanna-Barbera Animation in the 1960’s and 70’s. He is the last of the three artist’s alive and still creating Hanna-Barbera animation artwork for Warner Brothers Studio today. Warner now owns, the then separate, Hanna-Barbera Studios.

Amazing Animation has worked very closely with Bob Singer for years. He has appeared at our show booth during the annual dental meetings we exhibit at and has created three other limited edition cels for us: The Jetsons “Space Age Dentistry”, Scooby Doo’s “Bad Bite Clinic” and “Fred’s New Braces”

Bob is a great talent that we are very privileged to be able to work with him, but most importantly he is a wonderful human being. We have always been big fans of Bob’s artwork so needless to say, we were very excited when we saw his rendition of the new “Stone Age Dentistry” limited edition.

I believe Bob has expertly captured the look and feel of the “Nuttin But the Tooth” cartoon. Even from the first sketch I could envisioned all three cels nicely hanging together. I also love the way Bob has portrayed the tools of the Stone Age dentist. The conversion of the present day to the Stone Age was always my favorite part of watching the Flintstones.

Things to View Throughout New York City

New York City is far from the majority of populated city in the USA, but in addition one of the most popular towns on the earth.

Almost always there is a little something for the small plus the older as well inside New York City tours. Many of the most popular places to see tend to be Central Park your car, a Empire Express Developing, the particular Porcelain figurine regarding Liberty and also Rockefeller Plaza, and the like. New York City delivers its extremely common theatre zones, which might be generally called Periods Rectangular and also Broadway. Many of the issues to not ever possibly be having missed include the morning exhibits as well as buying good deals. This particular location houses the very best dark chocolate shops, garlic bread cafes as well as dining focuses in the states of the states. As well do you look for? Do you need many affordable deals around the most effective things? This metropolis can offer drop-dead charges in several items. The location contains the finest luxury lodges with regard to right away continues along with a number of New York City tour plans to thrill you actually.

You can also find destinations intended for bookworms along with music addicts alike. New York features ferry products and services, airport taxis, buses, commuter railway products and services, plus metros. Absolutely nothing is including winding over the efficiently paved walkways of your city by means of feet. Exactly what have you been anticipating? Have packaging on the urban center in which certainly not sleeps!

There are numerous with societal as well as social things to observe with New York City. New York City offer any society greater than nine and a half million-not as well as, pets, kitties, plus orange taxis. Around 2005, New York City had been dubbed on the list of most secure claims for the majority of. The truth is, New York City provides the most competitive crime pace of the large area in the United States, which makes New York suitable for looking into the top part views to be seen that has a constrained danger of your handbag snatching.

Brooklyn’s Crown Altitudes location could be the dwelling of your globe’s initially art gallery developed for kids. This Brooklyn Young children Museum, which usually exposed it is really entrances inside 1899, is usually seen as a search displays inside arts, technology, along with natural environment. Multicultural performances, course, products, and also on-contact reveals are a handful of the key highlights of per day along at the Brooklyn Children’s Memorial, suitable for kids ages 5 in addition to old.

Manhattan’s Gallery of Modern Fine art started out it really is experienced journey which includes a surprise this incorporated seven designs plus a pulling. Nowadays, a Memorial of Modern Art work, homes a few one hundred dollars 1, 000 paintings, sculptures, and photographs, is one of the what to see around New York City. Along with visionary art work, your Gallery of contemporary Artwork provides a new selection such as 18 thousand videos plus somewhere around some zillion motion picture photos.

Movie along with having sight-seeing opportunities are usually best on the list of appealing circumstances to find inside New York City. New York’s movie local community provides theater-goers the difference to check out every single Broadway use just pence on the bill. Marked down position place solely seat tickets are available regarding shows with Broadway, along with operas, symphonies, Big apple Yankee’s in addition to Met’s online games. New York City is an American town that cans this hometown to 2 very aggressive Major League Baseball squads. The revolutionary you are able to Yankees, fronted by simply heart-throb Derek Jeter, is located within the northern most of recent You are able to City’s 5 boroughs-the Bronx. The brand new York Mets, exactly who host household video games during celebrated Shea Ground, stand for A queen, Brand new York-the almost all ethnically different region in the United States.

New York City gets the major Chinatown in the country, and food connected with culturally sensitive feeds on make Chinatown your honour of one of the things to determine around New York City. Excellent eating out, for instance Pub Within the Green, plus high quality chain eating places just like Very difficult Stone Coffee shop as well as Globe Artist is also another huge sight-seeing opportunities within the big apple.

Some of the Worst Optimized Websites Are in the Automotive Industry

I have seen the future of the automotive industry. And it is not pretty. Sure, you can send me hate mail or you can take a big look for yourself. I don’t spend a lot of time paying lip service to middle management drones or trying to flirt with half informed office hacks. I have seen many of these automotive sites from the inside out. We have literally popped the lid on these sites and checked out the guts and I got to tell ya. It’s no wonder our cars aren’t selling in this country. Nobody can find these sites in the first place. Many of our automotive dealerships are next to impossible to find on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A lot of these sites share the same challenges of Yamaha ATV parts sites. These sites also have the same problems that Kawasaki and Honda sites share as well. These websites are created to dazzle with lots of flashing graphics, whirling colors, and slicked up graphics that masks important information like keywords, and readable text. You see no matter how sexed up the graphics are search engine spider bots still have to read the text in your sites.

The two things you don’t want to do is put a lot of Flash in your sites. The search engines will look at that page as one big black box. All of the great animation and text information in your web site will get swallowed up and never really get picked up and archived in the search engines. The second worse thing you can do is put a lot of javascript in your websites. This is a great way to ensure that you will never rank well in the search engines. So if you want to rank well I would listen to guys who actually do this for a living instead of someone who logs into an automotive Ning site from time to time.

Its relatively simple. Search engine bots have a hard time archiving sites that are loaded down with Flash animations, javascript programming language and tons of flashy artwork. Also be careful of sites that insist and burying its readable text on JPEG’s. Heavy art work sites are a problem because they need more content. There are certain things in the HTML programming language that needs to go into the sites. Some of these elements can actually help propel your site above others in the search engine ranks. If nothing else go get a Dummies book on HTML and search engine optimization and start with the basics. There are little things you can do with your automotive sites that will help them get ranked on the web.

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