Christmas Gift Ideas – Ten Cheap But Impressive Christmas Gifts

If you are reading this article, I can perceive your psyche. You are looking for cheap but impressive Christmas gifts. It is said ‘you get what you pay for’. But this does not hold true for gifts. Price alone does not justify its value. A gift conveying personal concern for the recipients can really win their hearts despite being cheap. So, here go my ideas.

1. Christmas gift basket – Your gift basket can include gourmet foods, fruitcake, chocolates and spa gifts. You can also make your own goodies and cookies, put them in a basket, use ribbon and wrapping paper to cover the basket attractively.

2. Christmas music CD’s – No Christmas party is complete without music. Songs are an essential part of this celebration. Consider popular audio tracks, instrumental CDs, children’s Christmas CD or Christmas classics.

3. Christmas DVD – A DVD selected with diligence is a wonderful gift for family. All of the family members will sit together to watch the movie and thank you many times for creating this priceless moment for them.

4. Christmas movie tickets – Consider movie tickets for the entire family as a surprise gift. Put the tickets, a greeting card and your intimate message for each of the family members written on a Christmas writing paper inside an envelope. Wrap a colorful ribbon around it. Ship it early to avoid any postal delay. In this case, please make it sure that the recipients do not have any holiday travel plan.

5. Christmas makeup tote – Consider chic make up tote bag, coin purse, or, cosmetic leisure bag. Priced under $10, these bags constitute great Christmas gifts.

6. Costume jewelry gift for Christmas – This idea works great for friends and colleagues. Besides, teachers can also consider this idea for the students. Costume jewelries have near identical look and finish when compared to their original counterparts but these are available at throwaway prices. You can also consider Christmas ornaments as gifts as a remembrance to this very special occasion.

7. Christmas puzzles – An innovative idea for family with kids. Keep them engaged in solving the puzzles while they wait for Santa to arrive.

8. Photo album – Help the recipients make their exclusive moments memorable with photo album. Do not forget to write your personal note. And if possible, decorate it with your own artwork.

9. Christmas candles – Despite arrival of new gift items, traditional gift like Christmas candle is still very popular idea. Consider different varieties like scented, floating, jar, or taper candles.

10. Gift certificates – You set the budget. Let them choose the gifts of their own.

How to save money on Christmas gifts

As the big day approaches closer, prices are likely to increase. So, the best suggestion is to start shopping early. Besides, always search for a coupon before making any purchase.

40th Birthday Joke Gifts

Canvas Prints

Choose a photo and have it printed on high quality, woven canvas. Alternatively, you can create your own design using any visual elements including photographs, pictures, design, and even artwork. You can add text in any style to the design before having it printed on to canvas of virtually any size – bespoke measurements go up to several metres in length and you can always use multiple panel canvas prints for any larger requirements.

Custom Handbag

Why not have a photo turned into Warhol pop art and added to a custom handbag? Handbags can be made from either quality Italian leather or resilient and good looking patent vinyl and your photo or other design can be printed onto the bag. You can choose a colour for the reverse, or you can pay just a little extra and get the same or a different design printed on the reverse of the bag. Don’t forget, with personalised photo gifts, the end design is down to you so you can have whatever you want printed on these items.

Photo Calendars

Photo calendars, like any photo gifts, can use any type of image. They don’t have to be photos taken by yourself and can include pictures of celebrities, sports stars, teams, or even hobbyist items. You could create 40th birthday joke gifts using pictures from a person’s past or relating to a strange obsession they may have with a celebrity or anybody else.

Your Life Photo Books

The Your Life photo book is a unique gift item idea that is great for any birthday or other celebration. Available in either photo album or photo book style, the Your Life photo book is a celebration of the recipient’s life through the medium of photograph. The customisable front cover can include any message of your choice in classic gilt letters while you can decide whether to add your own photos or have them printed directly onto high quality HD satin pages.

Photo Wallpaper

For a massive impact, you can even have wallpaper customised to include your own design This can be a photo as well as a design so you can have any image you want converted into high quality, virtually damage proof wallpaper that is ideal for use in any room of the house.

Folding Screens

Folding screens are another item that can be added to virtually any room of any home. Traditionally they were used to get dressed behind, but more recently they have become as much a part of room design as they have a practical item. They can be used to break up large areas or they can be used to hide clutter. As with the design of 40th birthday joke gifts, the use of the folding screen is down to you or the recipient.