Superconscious Writing

I am sharing some of my own personal secrets on how I work with my Super conscious almost daily. This is known as “The Alpha State.” We cannot manifest through our subconscious.

I have practised Alpha for seven years, and like most things, the more you practice something, the more adept you become. There are universal laws to adhere to, as karma plays a big part in the way we manifest. It works. I have used this method since 2007!

Slow Brain Rhythms.

Remember when things seemingly cruised along on auto pilot and you had that happy contented feeling that life is just nice. This indicates that you are triggering the slower brain rhythms.

The Changing Stages of Our Brain Which Occur Naturally.

Beta.. This is the quickest level of brain activity, mainly utilised by adults. Beta causes us to become intrenched in the physical dimension of time and space. This is the everyday life state, where we go to work and come home and watch television and we are aware of time and what is going on around us on the outside.

Alpha.. Is when the mind functions on inner source levels of intuition, creativity and inspiration. It is when the mind is in the Alpha state that our worries and anxieties of the physical world dissipate. It is not often we are in this state, and if we are it’s not for long periods. Alpha is an animated state.

Theta.. This is the slow range frequency, it’s at this level we fall asleep. Theta is a very low awareness of consciousness and we are not fully aware of physical sensations or control of bodily functions, for example our heart beat and breathing. Both Theta and Alpha are used in mediation.

Delta.. This state is where our brainwaves are at their slowest. It is in Delta that we have no awareness or consciousness. This state is also induced by anaesthesia and also coma. We have diverse altered states of consciousness we consistently slip in and out of without being aware of it, usually for short periods. We have done this since birth.

We function in Beta when we are at work, or out visiting friends or family. Most days we are getting about on a Beta level. The other mind states isolate us from our work and other people. Alpha and Theta allow us to be able to go into ourselves, in order to meditate. It may be a time when you are laying on your bed and Alpha slips in and you begin to feel relaxed and slip into the next phase of Theta, drifting off to sleep. We have been so conditioned to only using a small part of our minds, that it has rendered us ignorant in knowing we can allow our mind to operate and work for us effortlessly of our awareness to control these states of mind. We can control them.

Alpha is the key state of mind to be in when obtaining to create, or manifest something into your life. I compose artwork and write in the “Alpha super consciousness.” I find I cannot write if I am trying to do so in a sate of Beta. I manifested a new car, four years ago, and a home of my own, on its way, with all the plans set to go. I compose my best stories while in Alpha.

I consciously allow Alpha to take over when I have a problem to solve, or I am needing to help someone. It is a deep state of being able to go within, and seek answers from your higher self. It is when we are deep within ourselves, that we are able to manifest things into our life, because we break down all barriers. Native tribes use deep meditation, to walk over hot stones, without it leaving one single burn, and those who lay on a bed of nails, getting up without a scratch. The mind is connected to our heart. It has the same electrical impulses, which is an energy field that simply drives our consciousness on most levels. Every living being is energy. When you manifest, remember karma is always watching. Therefore it pays to always use the tool of your super conscious mind for the betterment of yourself and others.